SACO the Serviced Apartment

Imperial Hotel in Torquay

Set in a sheltered cliff top position with dramatic views and luxurious surroundings, The Imperial Hotel is perfect for all kinds of corporate occasions and holiday breaks. With many sea facing bedrooms and suites, plus Leisure Club, swimming pools, beauty treatment rooms, squash and tennis courts, it is the ideal place to relax and unwind. Our Regatta Restaurant, Bar and Conservatory are ideal places to enjoy either a formal, or informal meal with your family and friends. On site parking is available at an extra cost and we are only one mile away from Torquay railway station.

Room Information

Number of rooms/units/apartments:152
Room / Unit Type Room / Unit Tariff*
Guest Double from £84.00 to £183.00 per room (breakfast included)
Guest Single from £65.00 to £148.00 per person (breakfast included)
Guest Twin from £89.00 to £205.00 per room (breakfast included)
Premium Family from £124.00 to £193.00 per room (breakfast included)
Suite from £164.00 to £258.00 per room (breakfast included)

*As a guide, prices are per room per night for hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and serviced apartments and per week for self-catering accommodation.

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