Primley Meadow

Premier Inn Paignton South Paignton

After quite a number of regular stays in a hotel in Torquay, where we were regimented to be at breakfast at 8am and out for 9am, Dinner at 6pm and out for 7pm and then fight for a table with your cliquey mates for the nights entertainment, We definately needed to change our approach.

So we decided to use the Premier Inns, an orgaisation I had used whilst at work on many, many satisfactory occassions.

We chose Goodrington Sands and were delighted to find that the same exacting standards still applied, the staff, in every instance, was nothing short of excellent and as an added bonus, we had a sea view.
Being a wheelchair user, every effort was made to make sure I was catered for in a proper and dignifiedd way.
Meal times were flexible, which meant we were in control of what we did and when we wanted to do it.

Not only would I highly recommend this particular Premier Inn but I would highly recommend this organisation too. Its simply because they care in everything they do, ensuring a good stay whether it be business or holiday.

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