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Three super-fit coati kits have plenty of opportunities to practice their high jumps and gymnastics in their new Activity Den at an attraction in Devon. Just a few months old, the two baby girls and a boy arrived at Woodlands Zoo-Farm in July, they are 25cm long and extremely cute. Their long striped tails are carried like flags to signal to one another and are used for balancing their way round their enrichment apparatus. They are already becoming firm favourites with guests at Woodlands Family Theme Park.

Keeper Michaela said "I was amazed at how quickly they ate out of my hand, their favourite is meal worms pushed into a banana!" The coati (also known as coatimundi) comes from South America but unlike the other members of the racoon family, they are not nocturnal. Michaela told us "our guests love them because they are so active and entertaining throughout the day. They are so inquisitive, always running about and sniffing like little puppies with long noses, I think they are even cuter than our meerkats!”

Elliott Hamilton, who has been head keeper at Woodlands for 10 years, was surprised at their progress. "We’ve been trying to get them used to human contact for a few days now, we never thought they could become friendly so quickly." He said "the apparatus is really working to keep them healthy and active, they move so fast we couldn't take a photo of them using it." The new coatis Activity Centre is near the popular meerkats and the Reptile House at the extensive Zoo-Farm.

Other new arrivals include a giant spider, the Mexican Red Knee, various rare breeds of chicken and some Tokay Geckos. The Zoo-Farm has rare and exotic animals as well as farm animals for families to interact with. Baby lamb feeding time is at 12.30 and 4.30 every afternoon. With 16 family rides, 11 playzones and an amazing falconry centre there’s always plenty to do at Woodlands.

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